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Cultivating life change by putting God and His love on display, through authentic worship experiences.

Interested in serving on our team?

We want you to feel confident and prepared for your first weekend of serving on our Worship team. We also want you to feel known by other people on the team.

To make sure that happens, we've created a training process called Cultivate, which is a 4-week outline that helps integrate you into your new role!

Simply fill out this brief application and bring a printed copy to your in-person audition.

What We're Looking For

What To Expect From The Cultivate Process

Voice Recording

You'll be asked to send in a video recording (your cell phone or laptop is fine) of you singing anything you’d like; preferably something you think showcases your voice.

Receive An Email

You'll receive a folder via email with song options for you to audition with. Expect to receive 4 songs, charts, tracks, and an mp3 file for reference.

Rehearse for Your Audition

Rehearse your chosen song and prepare for you in-person audition.

The Schedule

Week 1 - Rehearsal Shadowing
You'll be invited to shadow a current team member during rehearsal for observation and learning.
Week 2 + 3 - Rehearsal Participation
You'll attend 2 weekly rehearsals to get hands-on training.
Week 4 - Full Rehearsal
Your first official week! You'll be serving without a partner and preparing for the weekend services.


Why is an audition required?
  • Auditions have two main purposes: First and foremost, we want to get to know you and discover how you'd fit into our team.
  • Second, we want to know where you are musically. We strive for excellence in our worship and music.

What should I expect when I have an audition?
  • Vocal + Instrumental auditions are one-on-one with our worship leader.
  • Vocalists + Instrumentalists will receive music for their audition ahead of time.

  • All vocalists are required to submit a pre-recorded video audition of a song of their choice, showcasing their vocal ability.
  • Vocalists will be expected to showcase their ability to sing strong lead and harmony.
  • Vocalists will be singing with IEM (in-ear monitors) to a click and backing track.
  • Vocalists will be expected to show proper mic technique and an engaging stage presence.

  • Instrumentalists will be playing with IEM (in-ear monitors) to a click and backing track.
  • Instrumentalists will be expected to have necessary gear (i.e. pedals, cables, amps, capo.)
  • Instrumentalists should have a basic understanding of the Nashville Number System.

Will I have to play and sing to a click track?
YES! Both vocalists and instrumentalists will play and sing to a click track (metronome). This will be provided in your audition prep material.

What if I'm interested in joining Audio/Tech?
How do I schedule an audition?
Email Shaun Staley, our Worship Arts Director ([email protected]) to set up an audition. We will work to meet you on campus at a time that fits your schedule.

Remember to bring:
  • Your completed Audition Application (See form above and print.)
  • Your instrument with all necessary cables, pedals, and accessories. Guitarists, bring your capos! Amps, drum kit, and keyboard will be provided.

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