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Christmas at North Ridge

This year at Christmas we want to remind you of the simple things because in our culture today there is a gravitational pull to overdo Christmas. We over schedule our calendar, overspend financially, overstress trying to make everything perfect. But what if your capacity to get the most out of Christmas doesn’t have anything to do with how much you spend, but with your ability to capture the simple things? What we want to do in this series is go back and capture the simple things that Jesus brings – hope, joy, peace, love.

Unseen Things

So is life only what we can see, touch and experience, or is there more? Is there a supernatural side? Is evil real? If so, how do we oppose it? “Unseen” is a 4-week series explaining the armor of God and how to use it to do spiritual battle. 


When Jesus poured the foundation for the church in the book of Acts, what was it that he intended to build? What was God’s blueprint for the Church? Are we getting it right? If people watch us, could they see what God meant for the church to be? In this series we look at how ordinary people changed by Jesus became powerful witnesses to the resurrection.

What If

What if the blessing of God was never intended to terminate with us? What if there is a greater purpose for the blessings that God sends our way? There is a purpose that becomes clear when we look closely at the Word of God and what He says about blessing His people. We find that God blesses us for the sake of His mission. In this series we ask the question, “What if we returned the blessing of God back to Him to be used in His mission?” How might He use us?